Netherton Frances A103 - Grand Dam 

                                                             -Belvin Kincaid 27'00

                                                -Sire: Aynho Rossiter ERic B125

                                                             -Anyho Rosa Erica Y294

                                -Luddenmore Frances K092 

                                                            -Ankonian Elixer 100

                                                -Dam: Prohurst Frances G072

                                                            -Netherton Frances A103

 Luddenmore Frances K092 is a heifer with immense potential. When we talk about how important cow families are in the industry, we can back this statement with numerous examples, but probably the one tribe that brings this to the pinnacle is the "Frances". This family was an integral part of putting and maintaining the Netherton herd at the top.

 This heifers pedigree is stacked with maternal greats such as Netherton Frances A103 and Frances X63. This is backed up with sires known for producing cattle with high maternal traits such as Ranui W impact 762, Ankonian Elixer 100 and her sire Aynho Rossiter Eric B125. A big heifer which is sure to have a big impact on the herd, we eagerly await her first calf!

 Grand Sire - Ankonian Elixer 100