-Connealy Forefront

                                           Sire-TC Freedom 104

                                                                      -TC Ruby 9095

                 Friarstown Elba M241

                                                                     -Young Dale Kruggerrand 2H

                                          Dam-Young Dale Elba 18L

                                                                    -Young Dale Elba 18E



The one we've being waiting for! Since Young Dale Elba 18L's calves hit the show scene we knew we had to have some. After seeing many crosses over the last 5 years it was the TC Freedom that really ticked all the box's for us. Elba 18L has over 30 daughters registered in the Aberdeen Angus herdbook and we were lucky enough to capture the only TC Freedom female throughout the UK.


Fullam Elba D147, maternal half sister. 2005 Supreme All-Ireland Aberdeen Angus Champion 


Dam- Young Dale Elba 18L 

Sire- TC Freedom 104 

Elba 18L was crossed with a number of bulls and acheived tremendous success with all, resulting in Fulham Elba D147 the 2005 All-Ireland Supreme Aberdeen Angus champion, Netherallan Elba F057 bought for a record calf price of 8000gns at 9 months and Friarstown El Premier a top Tully performer and now standing in NCBC.


Netherallan Elba F057 - Maternal half sister, purchased for 8,000gns at 9 months.

 Fullam Elba D142 - Maternal half sister

As with the best breeders it's not the first generation where the success stops, M241's full and half sisters have excelled in their production. Fullam Elba D143 bred Friarstown Elba K172 who sold for €10,200 at the Friarstown/Luddenmore production sale, Netherallan Elba F057 bred Luddenmore Eclipse who sold for a £20,000 half share to Old Glenort and M241's full sister Young Dale Elba 23N having bred Tubridmore Gizmo(RGZ) now a succesfull AI bull with NCBC.

Friarstown Elba K172 - Maternal half sister's calf, sold for €10,200 at 9 months. 

Luddenmore Eclipse J067 - Maternal sister's calf, sold half share for £20,000 at 10 months.

Elba M241's sire is TC Freedom 104 a bull who can be seen in most of our top female's pedigree's, his ability to have low birth weights with explosive growth rates is like no other. TC Freedom is also the sire of Friarstown Dan Carter the top performance bull ever in Tully with a massive daily live weight gain of 3kgs.

We have no fear with the pedigree and phenotype of Elba M241 she'll produce just as good as we expect.

 Tubridmore Gizmo (RGZ)- Full sister's calf, standing in NCBC.

Friarstown El Premier (FPG) - Maternal half brother, standing in NCBC